Why Does My House Feel Stuffy? A Freshness Refresher Guide

fresh houseWe all need a place to call home. A space to come home to after a long day of whatever keeps you busy. Somewhere to relax, rejuvenate, restore and recharge. Whether it’s an apartment, unit, townhouse or house – there’s no place like home.

But what if your house always feels stuffy? 

In this helpful article, we’re going to give you some freshness refresher tips, from the vacuum cleaner to the wax melts.

Vacuum Often

Dust, dirt and debris accumulating on your floor can be one of the main reasons why your home feels stuffy. It’s a great idea to run the vacuum every few days. Keep this up, and then every week do a deeper clean where you vacuum, get into the crevices and cracks and mop afterwards. This should be the first step in your fresh new home. 

Air Your Home Often

Another reason a house can feel stuffy and stale is if you don’t air it often enough. Airing your home is simple – just throw open the windows for a day. Don’t do this on a wet, rainy or stormy day or if it’s way too hot outside. Aim for a mild, normal day. 

The fresh air will circulate throughout your home, leaving it feeling and smelling fresh as a new day.

Regular Cleaning And Wiping Down

Regularly cleaning and wiping down your home will keep it smelling fresh and clean, as you’ll take care of any dust and dirt that might make your place smell stuffy.

Wipe down kitchen benches after each meal, and dust other flat surfaces weekly. Don’t neglect your skirting board and other lower areas. You’d be surprised at how quickly dirt can accumulate, so stay on top of it.

Let The Light In

Sometimes a home can feel stuffy and closed in just because natural light is absent. You’d be amazed at how fresh a house can feel with sunlight suffusing its way through the windows. So, draw up those curtains and blinds and let the light in.

Now, sunlight can prematurely wear out furniture, so you may want to close the shutters again during the afternoon sun in summer, for instance. 

Smells And Scents

Another way to keep your place feeling fresh is to make it smell fresh. There’s a variety of ways you can achieve this. You can use a soy wax melt diffuser, an essential oil diffuser (either candle heated or electronic), incense, reed diffusers or a scented candle.

There are a multitude of scents you can use with all these methods of aromatherapy, You may want to try different scents each day until you find a few that you like, then keep them in regular rotation. 

Circulate the Air

Running a fan, either a ceiling fan or pedestal fan, in a stuffy room can be a handy way to freshen it up. The air circulation will help clear out the old, stuffy air and make the room seem fresh and lighter. Open a window at the same time, and the fan will distribute the fresh air from outside around the room. 

Summing Up

We’ve outlined a few tricks to get your home feeling fresher. Vacuum often and mop once a week to keep the floors clean and smelling great. Air out your home often, on a fair day. Make sure you clean regularly and wipe down surfaces. Let some light in from time to time, and invest in some aromatherapy diffusers. Finally, a fan can help to circulate the air in a stuffy room.