What Does Your Walk Say About You?


Walk This Way is more than a song.  It may also be a testament to who you are, or what you are wanting to project about yourself.  A woman’s walk speaks volumes as to her attitude, state of mind, stress level and perhaps how much chocolate or coffee she’s in need of at the moment.  What does your walk say about you?

Did you know that there was a study done in 2008 by The Journal of Sexual Medicine that found that a woman’s method of walking can reflect the type of orgasms she is capable of having?  Yes, indeed!  Apparently, observing a particular swing of the hips and length of stride is correlated to a woman’s ability to have the “Big O.”  It does make you wonder if we have been missing a piece of the puzzle, doesn’t it?

The age of the feminine walk may be in days gone by, which conjures up images of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  However, feminism has evolved since then to include a change in the typical walk of a woman.  The era of super models and Beyoncé’s stage performances, alone, have shifted what is considered to be “sexy” for some.

Most women don’t think about how they walk, unless it’s in a mine field of Lego pieces and Barbie shoes on their living room floor.  You’re probably so busy running around to and from work, errands, your children’s school, after school activities, and more errands that you missed on the first round to even begin to think about how you walk.  A woman’s gait today is more functional than fashion.

How you walk is also key in showing the health of your posture.  If you’re stressed to the max, you may find yourself tensing up everywhere, causing you to walk with your head forward and shoulders squeezed in the same direction.  This posture causes a host of muscular strains, so look for the Quasimodo-esque stance you may inadvertently cause to happen in times like that.  Take a deep breath, realign your head, spine and hips, and go to your Happy Walk.

The way a woman walks is a primary factor in body language.  What language do you speak?  Have you taken the time to consciously observe your walk?  If not, take a little time to analyze your reflection in a store front or be aware of your body as you do your day-to-day activities.  You may be amazed at what your body is telling you and others.  There’s no need to ditch the Crocs for a pair of six-inch high Manolo Blahnik’s.  Just find a way to observe and adjust, if you wish, to let your walk do the talking for you!

Photo credit: Thinkstock