Wal-Mart’s 51st Anniversary–We Celebrate With Its People!

In honor of Wal-Mart’s 51st anniversary, we decided to compile a brief round-up of some of the more…interesting…characters within the walls of this famous superstore. Now, the well-known website People of Walmart — where we found all these absurd photos — is home to some pretty graphic images, so we’ve chosen a few of the more appropriate and kid-friendly pictures. Then again, you’re taking the chance of seeing those graphic images every time you walk into a Wal-Mart, so there’s that.

people of walmart 1

Well, it’s probably the closest your little super hero will get to flying.

baby dolls walmart

Some never get tired of playing with a baby doll. Or two.

hot wheels walmartHonestly, this ride is probably more exciting than the Hot Wheels Jeep he’s about to hop into.

kids stuffed animalsThe Walmart version of Where’s Waldo?

scooter kid walmart

He probably already got his recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise. Let him rest.

sleeping kid walmartNaptime on the go.

coupon queen walmartThere is no shame in being a coupon queen. There is in spelling both “a lot” and “a while” wrong, but none in being a coupon queen.

fox around walmartWe would call him dad of the year…but he doesn’t seem to have a child. So we’re not sure what to call him.

So, there you have it. Wal-Mart is celebrating 51 years of, well, this — whatever “this” is.