Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (That’s Angelina’s Kid) Made $3,000 A Week [VIDEO]

angelinia jolie maleficent daughter $3,000

Hard to believe, but you’re looking at the green face of a Mother of the Year. At least, that’s our initial response on learning that Angelina Jolie’s kid reportedly made $3,000 a week for playing the young version of Sleeping Beauty in the upcoming fantasy film Maleficent. (Angelina is playing the title character, who’s playing the evil witch that casts Sleeping Beauty under a spell.) That’s a pretty big payday. We’re thinking that $3,000 is probably standard for any actor with a speaking part in a major motion picture.  Then it gets even better when we see Vivienne Jolie-Pitt also had a $60 a day per diem. That’s like a daily allowance given to cover expenses. A big movie star can get away with claiming a few thousand bucks each day in per diem. $60 may not seem like much, except that Vivien is four years old.

What is a four-year-old going to spend $60 on every day? We know that it just can’t be used as an excuse to cover babysitting. We can’t get a babysitter at $60 a day, so we know that nobody’s signing on for that little to take care of the child of two movie stars. Can you spend $60 a day in My Little Pony figures? We feel like we’ve tried before, but it may not be possible.

Actually, we’re not really that outraged over this. The truth is that Angelina could have rented her kid out to some ad agency for her first television spot for a cool six figures. This way, Angelina got to hang out with her kid, and $3,000 a day probably didn’t make the family feel like they were being cheated. Vivienne probably wasn’t really looking at a huge amount of cash during her shooting schedule. We’re not expecting the role of young Sleeping Beauty to be a major part of Maleficent. And we know that the production has already gotten tons of publicity off of Angelina’s kid making her film debut in Maleficent. You can even check out this video, which is all about Vivienne joining the cast of her mom’s latest movie, and also shows off some other kids who picked up some extra cash from their famous parents. It’s actually kind of interesting, but it might make you feel bad for haggling with your kid over $5 a week…