Video Surveillance Inside the Home – Is It Okay to Install to ‘Keep an Eye’ on Your Children?

Video Surveillance Inside the Home

I know this topic has come up often, in regards to having a ‘nanny cam’ and on that aspect of this topic, heck yeah I think it’s absolutely fine to have a camera set up for security purposes. The big question with that is, do you tell the babysitter there are security cameras? Hmmm….

On the flip side of this topic – what about video surveillance on your own kids? Ahhh, yes, another ‘hot topic about kids‘ but I know in my case, it should would solve a great deal of “whodunits” and “whostartedits” that’s for sure! My three are always blaming each other, no accountability or admissions in this house. I have a friend whose son is constantly lying about things. He’s only 7 so right now these are just little lies, but we all know how quickly little lies can turn into huge lies. One day a candy bar went missing but he swore up and down he had no clue what had happened to it. The candy bar wrapper was FOUND IN HIS BED and he still SWORE he had no idea about how it got there! Tried to blame his sister, who was 18 months old at the time, lol. Maybe having a camera installed and catching him in the act will help? If he sees himself on film, hard evidence, how can he deny things? I wonder if that would help him realize lying is not worth it?

So, maybe for younger kids this is okay but what about tweens/teens? At what point is it an invasion of privacy? I don’t think I’d go installing cameras in their bedrooms at that age, but around the house, why not? I know, this post was more questions than answers or ideas. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Having cameras installed here in my home is still something I am considering, I just wonder if that’s going too far?

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts. I’d love to gt a good discussion going here and I really do need the pros and cons of this idea. Right now my children are 11, 8, and 7 – my daughter is the oldest.

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