Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Catalina Coupons

Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons are one of the easiest coupons that you can receive for discounted or free items from your grocery store. Seasoned couponers know that catalinas can help to save you money on your groceries and use them as part of their couponing strategy to save money. If you are new to couponing or just want to know what these catalina coupons are all about, here are some advantages and disadvantages to using them for your next grocery shopping trip.

What are catalina coupons?

Catalina coupons are those coupons that are printed out from a small machine at the register. They are only found at participating grocery store and will print out the coupons when you purchase certain types of items. The catalina coupons will have a certain amount that you are able to take of an item or your entire grocery bill on your next visit. They will be printed on a register tape, similar paper that you receive as a receipt, with the store’s logo and redemption information.

Advantages of using catalina coupons

Receive coupons from previous purchases. This is one of the advantages of catalinas because when you use your loyalty card at your grocery store, it tracks the purchases and recognizes your shopping habits. This gives the store an idea of what discounts you could probably use the next time you purchase that item again. For example, if you have a baby and you make purchases for a specific brand of diapers, then a coupon may be printed out for you for that brand of diapers. You may even receive a coupon with a high value off on a competitors brand of diapers in hopes that you will make a switch.

Stacking with manufacture coupons. There are some catalina coupons that you can stack with manufacture coupons, however, you must make sure that they specify “in-store coupon” on the catalina. If it specifies that the catalina is a manufacture coupon, then you will not be able to stack them with another manufacture coupon.

Bonus offer. Catalina coupons are considered a bonus offer for your purchases. These bonus offers are better used when the items are already reduced at a price sale to get a better deal.

Disadvantages of using catalina coupons

Expires quicker. Catalina coupons can expire quickly within a week or two after you receive them. If you are not able to use them within that time period, then you have lost those savings compared to manufacture coupons that may not expire until a month or so later.

Can only redeem at the store printed from. When you have catalina coupons printed, they may only be redeemed at that specific store that they were printed from. This makes it a little harder to get the best deals when you are not able to go to another store.

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