These Tuna & Spinach Pockets Are Fun To Make & Healthy to Eat

Finding a fun way to stay healthy is a full time job. Finding a healthy dish that is also delicious is even harder to accomplish. Whenever you can incorporate spinach into a meal and it gets rave reviews there is a cause for celebration. If you can get a kid to eat it with a smile, there must be an added bonus. That’s why we love this tuna, spinach and cheese pockets recipe.

The video above shows you how to make the pockets with your own fresh dough. It may be easier to use store bought dough in a can, but why miss out on the joy of making it by hand on your own? The kids will love watching the yeast rise and creating little dough balls for the pockets. It sounds like fun will be had by all.

The kids will be more apt to eat them if they actually help to make them. Even though it has spinach inside, you can tell them how much stronger they will be if they eat it and how much smarter they will become for making homemade bread dough.

Once your dough rises, divide it into small pieces, and let it rise again. As that’s happening, sauté your spinach. After, it’s done, drain it and season it with salt. Then, add your cheddar cheese and tuna. You can use any cheese you want, but cheddar is pretty popular. Next, roll out the dough balls, fill ’em up and bake.

The last step? Enjoy!

Watch the video above to see more! Get the full recipe here.

Will you give this tuna, spinach and cheese pockets recipe a try?