Why I Still Believe In Santa Claus


If I had a chimney all of my stockings would be hung with care, but since we live in an apartment they are tacked to the wall. We love Christmas in our home. Our tree is up and decorated before Thanksgiving and the Christmas music starts the day after Halloween. We also believe in Santa.

Yes, Virginia (and the other 49 states too), we believe in Santa. My oldest is turning 8 and she still hasn’t asked whether Santa is real or not. I’m glad, but I’m also not worried that she’ll be heartbroken when she finally does ask, because I don’t feel like I’ve been lying to her.

The Truth About Santa

Is Santa Claus a fat man in a red suit with flying reindeer? Probably not, but I don’t believe Santa is impossible either. Call me crazy, but I’m one grown up that fully embraces the belief that good behavior should be rewarded and Christmas is magic. Of course, I’m the same woman you’ll see posing for pictures with life-sized Disney characters. I also have this slightly irrational fear that the one time I deny that Santa exists will be the one time he huffs his way onto my balcony and into my living room.

I love and support and truly believe in the magic of innocence and kindness. In a world where the nightly news is filled with stories of murder, kidnap and mayhem, I want my kids to know that it’s not all bad. There is beauty in the world, there is goodness and kindness and honesty.

Believing in Santa Claus is about more than flying reindeer and little men with pointy ears. It’s about believing in the possibility of magic. I find it hard to believe that magic doesn’t exist. The very definition of magic is “The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious… forces.” There are moments every day that seem to combine the perfect set of circumstances, this is magic.

When my sister prayed for a Christmas tree because our family wasn’t able to afford one, and a tree with a box of decorations and presents showed up on our doorstep the same week, that was magic. Watching the snow blanket the earth and turn everything white and beautiful, that’s magic. Lying under the Christmas tree and watching the colored lights sparkle off of the ornaments: that’s magic.

Santa Claus is the magic of Christmas. He is the bringer of joy and innocence. He serves without guile, thinking only to bring joy and happiness to others. Is there really anything wrong with telling our kids the truth about Santa? He exists, even if only in our hearts.

Do you believe in Santa?

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