TOY REVIEW: Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter

Y bring up the Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter? You’d think moms would have enough to worry about with our children getting on anything with wheels. This scooter (available in green, black and pink) is still a best-selling Christmas toy. (It’s helped that Ellen DeGeneres rode around on one.). You’d better get familiar with it. There’s a chance someone might find this ride under their tree.  [image via facebook]

For starters, the Y-Volution Scooter isn’t a traditional scooter. This one is meant to be used with both feet on it, giving the rider a side-to-side stance to allow for a drifting and carving action, providing a very different experience than when riding the more traditional scooter that you propel by kicking. The casters are industrial designed for smooth rolling, it has a built in and quick response hand braking system and the frame is relatively lightweight, reinforced and folding, making it easy to throw into a car.

Before buying this scooter, see if you can find a store that has a demo unit and a monitor showing the video on how to use it. Make sure your child is comfortable with the side to side motion this scooter requires and how fast it can move. This scooter can be real exciting, getting your son or daughter up and out of the house and working up a sweat. It’s a lot more exercise than your child will get on a traditional version.

We’re also happy to report that the Y-Volution Scooter has a great design, with quality construction that’ll make you feel secure when your loved ones are riding around on the thing.  Learning the required motion to keep it moving is easy, too. In fact, the real downside for the Y-Volution is that it can be on the heavy side–at 34 pounds–for some little bodies. This is still the rare scooter where a parent won’t feel like an accomplice for helping to get things going.