TOY REVIEW: Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

Summer is coming and the days are getting longer. That means the little astronomer in your life is going to see less of the night sky. Fortunately, you can use Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room to keep your kids eyes on the sky. This wall-mounted decoration is illuminating and even interactive. With an authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape–and an automatic or manual (via remote control) control showing the 12 main phases of the moon–Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room provides nighttime illumination and learning fun for kids. It also comes with an MP3 download code that provides a guided tour of the moon, and in some cases, a CD that does the same.

For most users, this wall décor is a hit. The automatic rotation through the phases of the moon provides entertainment as well as educational value for children aged six and up.The only thing that’s really irksome about having the Moon In My Room in your room is battery usage. You might find yourself wishing that you had NASA’s budget when you check out how many batteries this thing can go through in a week. You’ll want to do some real maintenance. Manually turn the unit off during the day, for example, instead of relying on the automatic shut-off to further battery life.

You might find that Uncle Milton has a tendency to let things get a little loose in the Quality Control department. At a $29.99 list price, don’t feel bad about returning an Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room if it isn’t working properly. We’ve had pretty good luck, but we know you can get the occasional clunker. We’re a little less upset about how the allegedly automatic device doesn’t always turn on the Moon when it gets dark. That’s been an easy fix–and, you know, it saves a little bit on battery costs, too. We’re expecting that Uncle Milton is going to be a pretty popular presence in our house through the summer.