TOY REVIEW: The ELC Sing Along Star Microphone!

ELC Sing Along Star Mic

The manufacturer claims that the ELC Sing Along Star Microphone makes singing fantastic fun. And how do they define “fantastic fun?” Well, the company’s in good shape if they’re promising that your child can hear their voice amplified against backing music while seeing lots of cool lights flashing away while they sing to their heart’s content. In fact, that’s pretty much the official promise, and we can’t argue about the ELC Experience–as long as we’re using four fresh C batteries.

The kids certainly get a kick out of the sounds of the crowd’s applause and the introductory drum roll. We’ll give ELC credit for knowing what children want to hear while rocking the mic. We’re a little less impressed with the microphone’s design. You might want to invest in some hot pink duct tape (yeah, they make it) to help your Sing Along Star Microphone actually stand alone in one piece. We’re not sure if the quality justifies the $49.99 list price, although we’ve never actually found it selling for that much.

There’s a volume control, so that’s kind of invaluable right there. You’ll also go through less batteries if you convince your kid to always check to be sure that both the microphone and the base are both turned off. They have individual pieces and both run on batteries. One piece then plugs into the other–and your kid will probably be rocking out enough to unplug those a few times. You have to keep a closer eye on this microphone than we really approve of, but the ELC Sing Along Star Microphone can sure entertain most any kid who’s over the age of three. It may not be $50 worth of fun, but we’d rock this out at a price around $30.

ELC Sing Along Star Mic Girl