This epic toy was designed for the release of this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises, and  The Bat has managed to hang in there to become one hot Christmas ticket. Mattel was pretty smart to jump on the one Batgimmick that became one of the movie’s most iconic items. This one is set to appeal to all ages, too. To the Batman collector, for example, this is a must have. The toy has a fantastic design and would look really cool simply on display with the rest of a Batman collection. Designed as an aerial war machine, its sleek and ominous appearance definitely looks like it would intimidate and conquer any and all villains.

For a younger Batman fan, its solid construction will keep it flying around the house. Used with a young child’s imagination, the Bat Vehicle can provide many long hours of fun. Dropped or stepped on, its very sturdy construction should mean it can still keep on flying. For the ages in-between, the Bat Vehicle is a great action toy. The power of the movie vehicle is brought to life in this copy, with its battle sounds, missiles and enough launching power to send the Batman figure over nine feet. Lock in the missiles, launch them to the sounds of battle, and re-create scenes from the movie or invent your own new adventures for Gotham’s super hero.

The box has the vehicle, a Batman figure, and two missiles. The foam Batman figure and the missiles launch at a push of the appropriate button. The Bat Vehicle has propellers that can be spun or can be used as landing gear. It requires three LR44 button batteries that are included in the box. There is no assembly required and it is meant for ages in grades 4 and up. As noted, the unit is very durable and should withstand some abuse.

Care should be taken when inserting the missiles, as they will only lock in when inserted the correct way. Put them in without being careful, and they may shoot out prematurely in a direction you didn’t plan on. The cockpit will hold any 3.75-inch action figure–sold separately of course. A very popular item, it is currently selling pretty close to the official list price of $32.00. We’d say that counts as a Batdeal.