TOY REVIEW: Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider

The Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider is pretty cool. Designed with a seat that can be locked into an upright position, the Rider can be used as a push toy when your child is just beginning to walk. Designed to grow with your child, it can be used for standing and sitting, scooting and walking. It has a dashboard with fine-motor features such as turning and pressing.

The conversion from scooter to walker is very easy. It plays some newer popular songs in additional to some old classics. The colors are bright and the dashboard features are attractive, like the horn and the key that makes real engine noises. While this toy gets a lot of plusses, keep in mind that it IS a scooter and, as such, your child will need a lot of floor space to use it in house. Plus, it is very sensitive to motion and just about any movement will set off the music. So between the music and the noises from the dashboard, this is anything but a quiet toy. Perhaps that is exactly the reason children seem to love it. If you can handle that, this could be the perfect toy for your child from the suggested ages of 9 months and up.