Toy Review: LEGO’s Ninjago: The Golden Dragon!

LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon

LEGO’s Ninjago: The Golden Dragon is part of LEGO’s Ninjago collection. If you do not know what the LEGO Ninjago collection is, then you are not the mother of a boy who is over the age of 8 years old. Oh, sure, the toy is officially gender neutral. Trust us, though. This LEGO toy is meant for boys aged 8 to 14.

The box hold mini-figures for Lloyd the Golden Ninja, along with a scout and a warrior–plus a hammer, spear, scimita,r and dynamite. The idea is to attach the Golden Ninja to the dragon and fly into battle against Lord Garmadon’s soldiers. There are 252 pieces to build the dragon and a small fort for the scout and soldier. One unusual item is that the dragon’s head is made of some type of rubbery compound, not plastic as you would expect from LEGO. That said, the instructions make it easy to put together and the result is a beautiful dragon with wings, tail and legs that move up and down and extend.

The ninja sits on the back of the golden dragon and shoots spears at the soldier and scout. The scout will fire spears back and can also dynamite the dragon. And the kids seem to love it. The ninja has a gold sword and a removable gold helmet. The soldier has a bow and arrow and wears a removable shaolin hat. There are lots of wonderful details on all of the pieces, and this is a pretty vital part of any Ninjago collection. Just remember the usual LEGO caveat. Fun to make, beautiful to look at, and totally prone to falling apart if you actually try to play with the finished product. But most LEGO kids know that.

LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon figures