TOY REVIEW: Riding the Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train

It may be Christmas, but don’t neglect those kids who love Halloween! The Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train is a particularly scary stand-out in design. It is part of Lego’s Monster Fighters series featuring tough (and well-armed humans) taking on scary monsters in a LegoLand full of glow-in-the-dark pieces and special vehicles. This set does not include a motor or tracks, but it sure makes for a striking figure on display.

The set includes a steam engine with gray and white detailing, plus a roof that lifts off for easy access to the mini-figures. Included on the engine are details like a cowcatcher, eerie flames coming out of the smokestack, and a ghost face on the front of the train that glows in the dark. Three additional cars include two with bat-type wings that flap as the cars roll, and a small cage car.

Those cars are connected to each other with hitches, and there are lots of bone and spike pieces (many of which also glow in the dark) to use on the cars. It also comes with a Monster Fighter’s gray and red aircraft with missiles, and a large plane covered with awesome looking details. The train has a lot of interactive features such as a furnace that opens and levers that move. The set includes five mini-figures: Ann Lee, Frank Rock and three ghosts.

The train is not hard to build, but it does have many small parts, making it a bit more difficult for smaller children. It works well on all kinds of surfaces–tile, wood, low-carpet–and the individual train cars can be played with independently. The Monster Fighter’s airplane is a great build. Replacement wheel parts are available for hardcore Lego fans, but they’re not interchangeable with other Lego train tracks.

Lego provides a story line in the box. It’s pretty fun, but kids might prefer their own imagination. The combination provides a lot of play options. Still, some of the smaller pieces–such as the bones and spikes–tend to bend during play. However, Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train does not have to be played with to be worth the pretty high purchase price. It lists at $79.99, so keep in mind that some younger kids might end up frustrated at the necessary building and the extra care than any Lego creation always requires for playing. Older serious Lego fans, however, will find this is a great set for those who love to build and display the end product.