TOY REVIEW: Rocking Out With Harmony & Her Lalaloopsy Hair

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star: Harmony B Sharp is fun right out of the box–and you’ll probably be happy with any doll in the Lalaloopsy line. This doll just loves the spotlight. She talks and sings, for starters. And when she is on her included stage, she also shows off some dance moves. Harmony (that’s her name) also comes with a pet cat and some interchangeable pink hairpieces. They’re not just for looking good, though. The pink hairpieces also trigger different songs when they’re plugged into her head.

The doll was “created from a singer’s dress.” We’re not sure what that means, but it sounds like voodoo. That’s actually kind of the big idea behind the Lalaloopsy figures. All of the Lalaloopsy doll were once rag dolls that came to life when their last stitches were sewn. The dress is fabric but her socks, shoes and hair are molded. The pet cat doubles as a rattle that can be used by your child to keep beat to the music. Be sure to explain the difference between that and a real cat.

There’s a button in the middle of the doll’s chest that starts the interaction, and the six hairpieces plug in easily into a slot on the right side of the doll’s head. When attached to the stand that is on the stage, Harmony moves her arms and legs while twisting at the waist. Those hairpieces also start twirling. When not attached to the stage, the doll will still sing and talk without any movement.

Be sure to keep all of the hairpieces organized in the included pouch. When talking, Harmony might ask for a specific hairpiece. You don’t want a hairpiece to get lost. There’s no volume control, so it seems the toy industry continues to ignore the needs of parents. At least there’s an on/off switch, and the interactions and songs are short. The doll also has a sleep mode to save battery power, but we find Harmony gets our kids rocking out at full power.