TOY REVIEW: What’s In Kidoozie: My First Purse?

 kidoozie my first purse

A debit card? Among the items that come with the My First Purse from Kidoozie is, yes, a pretend debit card. That’s in addition to a pretend cell phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, and an unbreakable mirror. This very popular play purse is aimed at 2- to 3-year olds. The included items are perfectly sized for little toddler hands, but without being so small that they could be a choking hazard. And we’ll give the Kidoozie folks credit for pretty much perfectly replicating what’s in our purse. The only thing that they left out was plastic bags of Cheerios. Maybe our kid will add that if she wants to really play at being a mom. We’re also impressed with how easily we can find everything in the Kidoozie purse. Well, how easily our kids could find everything in the Kidoozie purse–but that’s because our daughter doesn’t have to keep track of the million desperately scribbled notes that are part of being a real mother, too.

There are a couple of complaints here, but keep in mind that the My First Purse is priced fairly cheaply at $12.99. The plastic wallet can be hard to open for little fingers. You might want to give it a little bit of wear to make it easier for your daughter. Also, the cell phone has even less features than the ones we used to own back in college. For instance, the numbers are plastic, and there’s nothing to push to make it ring. You probably won’t be spoiling your kid too much if you invest in a better quality toy cell phone from a dollar store near you.

We’ve seen this purse adored by ladies as young as one year old. Pretty much any kid will love it. They might literally grab it and not let go. After all, it allows them to be just like mommy carrying a purse to the store. The unbreakable mirror is easy to clean, and all of the accessories fit nicely in the purse–which maintains its shape even when empty. If you have a 1- or 2-year old daughter (or a granddaughter who loves to copy mommy), then this is a great gift. But a debit card? You’ll have to have a long talk with your little lady about the dangers of impulse purchases.