TOY REVIEW: Hedbanz! Adult Silliness As A Card Game For Kids!

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So as the snowstorm approaches our neck of the suburbs, we wonder, “Hey, do we have a card game that’ll keep the kids from going crazy while stuck inside the house for a few months?” The Weather Channel might be exaggerating a little, but we’re still grateful to have Hedbanz around. The game has a very easy concept–and it’ll be familiar to grown-ups who’ve endured some..well, grown-up card games. All of the players wear one of the supplied headbands. Each player gets a chips and a card, which is then attached to the players headband without looking at it. When it is your turn, you ask each of the other players, in turn, one question, such as “Am I an animal?” If the answer is “yes” you can ask more specific questions, such as “Do I fly?”

If you guess correctly, you discard your chip. You get a chip if you give up and are also dealt a new card. The first player that gets rid of all his chips is the winner.This is a great game for kids to play with and also to play with their parents and grandparents. There is a lot of laughing and a lot of fun. The only issue that some reviews have is the timer. Each player is allowed 45 seconds to guess what is on his or her card. It’s not enough time. Some players flip the timer a second time, and others don’t play with a timer at all. Geared towards players 8 to 12, it appears right on the mark for a game that the kids will have fun with for a long time.

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