TOY REVIEW: Designing Stickers With The Gelarti Studio

First, you need to ask yourself how you feel about stickers. Your answer might be, “I like stickers because I can trust my child not to put them all over the house.” In that case, you might want to consider the Gelarti Designer Studio. The big idea is for children to to express their creativity by designing stickers. They get a lot to work with, too. There’s four pens, 3D accessories, a marbling tool, and Gelarti stickers. The sticker sheets are place onto the turntable, and then ink from the pens is used to create and color it. Using the marbling tool can create different effects. Colors can also be blended together and swirled.

The toughest thing for your kids might be the wait time on their masterpieces. Once the sticker is created, it is important to follow the instructions to allow it to dry thoroughly. A minimum of 6 hours is recommended, but overnight is best. When the sticker is completely dry, the backing can be peeled off and the sticker applied to any clean and smooth surface. The sticker is removable (that’s sort of good news) and can be peeled off the original surface and moved to a different location. They can be used to decorate notebooks, cards, glass, walls, and more.

The set comes with 30 stickers. As it turns out, 30 stickers isn’t nearly enough to use up the pens. That might seem generous for Gelarti. It might also be calculating, since the additional activity packs with stickers can get expensive. ($29.98 for about 50 more stickers and more pens, as opposed to the $26 list price on the Gelarti Designer Studio.) The kit could use both more stickers and more templates to make it worth the price. Finally, this last warning is something that we never thought we’d say: the Gelarti stickers are, as noted, easily removable. That’s part of the sales pitch. The downside is that there are some surfaces where the stickers don’t really stick very well. Yes, that’s possibly a positive–and we certainly understand if that doesn’t seem like a downside at all.