Toy Review: Disney Princess Songs Palace Play Set

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is recommended for children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years. That’s pretty much accurate. Any little girl who loves Disney Princesses will probably fall in love with this. Be prepared, though. This not an easy toy to put together. Allow yourself at least a half-hour, and be sure to have one of those very small Phillips head screwdriver handy. (Seriously, they really just ought to give you a small Phillips head screwdriver when you have the baby.)

The playset comes with two princesses: Cinderella and Snow White. Most little girls will consider that to be a good start. Other princesses are sold separately. What seems to set this toy apart is that, when placed on the spot on the Magic Dance, the toy recognizes the princess and she says her name, a few phrases and sings a song. Little girls love this. Parents–after a few hours–might not be as entertained. The castle’s doors open and close, an elevator goes up and down, the teakettle whistles, and the front door plays a fanfare when opened. Its six play areas include a kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, attic, balcony, dressing room and the Magical Dance Floor. The palace does come with some furniture, but not a lot. You might want to go shopping for used furniture out of other toys. The magical fact remains that little princesses who adore Disney Princesses will probably spend hours with their new Palaces.