TOY REVIEW: Destroyer Dome Play Set

This toy could take centrifugal force to a whole other fun level … if it worked as advertised. The Beyblade Destroyer Dome Play Set comes with 2 Beyblade tops that are launched into the Destroyer Dome. The last top left spinning is the winner. It appears that the ease of assembly of the Destroyer Dome is about the best thing that can be said for this toy. When both tops are set spinning in the Dome, they almost immediately crash into each other. When only one top is used, it works great and can be fascinating to watch but that defeats the purpose of the toy which is supposed to be a game of competition.


There are suggested techniques for winning the game, from how hard or fast you pull the rip-cord to the angle that you start your top from. Doesn’t really make any difference. While kids love the Beyblade tops, the open stadiums are better options. Additionally, the open stadiums are a lot less expensive.