TOY REVIEW: Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship

Parents of Barbie lovers stand back! The Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship will probably be very high on your daughter’s must have list. It comes with a pool, two water slides, buffet accessories, two lounge chairs, two fold-down beds, one side table, two pillows and two blankets. Of course it doesn’t come with dolls but your Barbie fan probably already has a slew of them.

This is a large play set that, when open, will extend over three feet. As typical with the Barbie play sets, the designs on the walls are not printed but instead come as both large and small stickers. An older child may be able to get these on the walls by herself but, in general, expect that Mom or Dad will have to help.

All of the pieces will fit back into the play set for storage although it is not a simply, one-step like folding a dollhouse. The pool and water slides are a big hit but keep in mind that you probably don’t want your daughter playing with this on your wood floor. All that said, Barbie fans will love this play set and will probably spend many happy hours playing with it.

Spoiler Alert: When purchased mail order, this play set comes in a box with Barbie Cruise Ship written all over it. It won’t be much of a surprise if you are buying it for your daughter and she opens the door to the UPS driver before you do.