Top 6 Must-read Books about Being Frugal

Frugal BooksBeing frugal is something that has to be learned. It’s a way of life that takes practice and determination. It’s so tempting to give in to those impulse buys and spend way more than you should for items you need or want. When I first decided I wanted to live a frugal lifestyle, I struggled with my inner demons. I found that reading as much as I could about being frugal helped me develop my own way of doing things and gave me inspiration to forge ahead with my decision. Here are six of the best books I found on being frugal (in no particular order).

1. The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Although I hate the word “tightwad,” this book was my favorite. Written by Amy Dacyczm, it’s chock full of tips for saving money in just about every aspect of life. It also contains inspiration for continuing the frugal lifestyle if you happen to go astray once in a while. A definite must-read for anyone living or considering living frugally.

2. Not Buying It written by Judith Levine

This book follows a couple who decides to buy nothing but the bare essentials for an entire year. The decision leaves them struggling to figure out just exactly what’s necessary and what’s not. There’s a little twist to the story since they split their time between city and country living. What’s “okay to buy” changes depending on which house they are living at the time.

3. Your Money or Your Life written by Vicki Robin

Sounds like a crime novel, but really, this book is about finding your financial independence before you retire. I found lots of tips and ideas for spending smart, living more and working less – definitely something we could all benefit from.

4. The Millionaire Next Door written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

What people fail to realize about frugal living is, it’s not just about buying things in bulk. If done correctly, being frugal can actually make you pretty wealthy. In this book, the authors show you how to turn your frugal ways into a tidy sum of money.

5. The Penny Pincher’s Almanac from Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is known for tons of helpful stories and tips in all areas of life. Pulling together some of the best penny-pinching tips from over the years, they’ve compiled this short book that you’re sure to use over and over again.

6. Made from Scratch written by Jenna Woginrich

This book goes a little farther than I’m willing to go with my frugal living, but the story is fascinating all the same. It follows one woman who wants to simplify her life by homesteading. She learns how to raise chickens, spin wool, keep bees and grow her own food – all while working a regular nine to five job. Homesteading is a lifetime commitment, but if you’re interested, this book is a great start.

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