Tooth Fairy Day Is Here! Salute The Childhood Tradition!

tooth fairy day

Just as your parents did for you, and their parents did for them, you’ve encouraged your child’s belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and of course, the Tooth Fairy. This tradition is a part of growing up for children all over the world, so on February 28th, we take a minute to salute the taker of teeth and leaver of money for National Tooth Fairy Day. Our childhoods would be boring without her! In case you’re wondering how you can celebrate such a momentous day, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you and your kids honor the Tooth Fairy. After all, she works hard and deserves a little recognition.  [photo via flickr]

Tooth Fairy History

Did you know the Tooth Fairy actually started out as a Tooth Mouse? It’s true! The Tooth Mouse scampered around stealing children’s teeth while they slept. The mouse eventually evolved into the Tooth Fairy we know and love today.

  1. Start the day off right! Use National Tooth Fairy Day to teach kids good dental hygiene. Explain how important it is that their teeth be clean and white for the Tooth Fairy. Give children a lesson in how to brush their teeth correctly and use floss. Instilling good dental habits when kids are young helps them develop good lifelong habits.
  2. Head off to the library. Take the kids to the library to read books on the Tooth Fairy. There are many, many books written about the Tooth Fairy. They cover all age groups, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding ones age appropriate. For young children, some good ones to look for include What Do the Fairies Do With All Those Teeth? By Michel Luppens, Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson and Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy by Marc Brown.
  3. Head home to watch some movies. There have been many movies made about the Tooth Fairy – some not suitable for kids, so be careful when you choose. A couple that we’ve found that are suitable for kids include The Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson (that’s The Rock, for all you WWE fans!) and The Tooth Fairy 2 starring Larry the Cable Guy. Both movies are about a guy who wrongs a child in some way and is punished by having to be a real-life tooth fairy for a week. The movies are funny and endearing; and once you’ve seen Larry the Cable Guy in a pink tutu, you’ll never be the same again!
  4. Draw pictures of the Tooth Fairy. Encourage your kids to draw pictures of what they think the Tooth Fairy looks like. It’s interesting to see what a child’s imagination comes up with. If your child wants to, have him or her write a note to the Tooth Fairy, too.
  5. Tell your kids how the Tooth Fairy works. You may have done so already, but explain to your children that in order for the Tooth Fairy to come and leave money, they must leave their tooth under their pillow. And above all, they must BELIEVE!

And here’s a cute animated “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon strip, with a Tooth Fairy that you don’t have to believe in…