Celebrity Stage Mom Summit? Miley & Justin’s Moms Meet!


The fine folks at TMZ.com were there when Tish Cyrus and Pattie Mallette–respectively known as the moms of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber–got together for lunch in Los Angeles. We have a pretty hard time imagining what they were talking about, besides being two of the most successful stage mothers of all time. Maybe they just made a lot of snide remarks about Lindsay Lohan. It looks like the cameras caught Miley getting a copy of Pattie’s new book Nowhere But Up, too. In fact, take a moment to admire how Pattie made sure the cameras caught her holding up the book. We like to imagine that Pattie got Miley’s mom to actually read her copy by noting that she was just an unknown Canadian, and Miley’s mom had a kid that was born into show biz. To be honest, Billy Ray Cyrus wasn’t exactly enjoying a stellar career when Miley was born. Oh, well. Everything worked out, and now we get to enjoy the sight of power-moms who lunch. We’re just hoping this isn’t the start of some reality show.