Tina Fey Likes Being Photographed In Swimsuits About As Much As We Do [VIDEO]

tina fey mom bathing suit shots

Well, here’s something different in our celebrity mom coverage. We finally have a celebrity who’s as mortified as we would be about being photographed in a bathing suit. It’s a nice departure from the usual lingerie models we feature–especially since the mom in question is Tina Fey. She actually looked perfectly fine when the Daily Mail recently ran pictures of her relaxing at poolside with her family.

Personally, we thought the pics were really nice–although we had some sympathy for Fey when the article referred to her rocking a “retro swimsuit.” You would’ve thought she was dressed like she was preparing to go for a dip after an ice cream social. Still, we can certainly relate to Tina’s response to the pics being published.

“My nightmare came true and I was photographed in my bathing suit in Florida,” Fey told USA Today. “It was at Disney World. I felt like it had to be another guest.” Fey also added that she wasn’t looking to whine too much about being famous, though. “You just have to take it at face value.  Good, that’s going well. You can’t believe either side of it, but believe me, I’d rather have it going okay. It’s arbitrary.”

You know what else is arbitrary? Our feelings about running this video of Tina in her bathing suit after reading that she really hated to be photographed in her bathing suit. We once again feel like we’re betraying the sisterhood–but, seriously, it’s just nice to see a And that’s a really cute swimsuit. We’ve been photographed in much worse. And nobody even got any money for making us feel really embarrassed. Speaking of embarrassing–we’re pretty sure we defined “arbitrary” correctly, right? We’ll go look it up while you check out this chatty clip…