Things You Forgot To Clean Today (And How To Clean Them)

things you forget to clean

You spent a good part of your day cleaning the house: washing dishes, picking up toys, doing laundry, vacuuming, wiping up spills, cleaning bathrooms, and scrubbing floors.  Then you realize that even though you have done all that work, there are parts of your house that you have forgotten to clean.  While doing laundry, you notice sticky detergent spots and lint bunnies.  Standing in the doorway waiting on the kids, you notice dust and mud caked on the bottom of the front door.  And you think, what else have I forgotten to clean?

You can scrub out the inside of your microwave with a cloth, dish sponge, or paper towels and your preferred cleaning spray.  Wipe it down with water to remove all the cleaning solution before you put food into it again.  It is a good habit to wipe out the inside of your microwave every time you do dishes.  This will prevent the buildup of foodstuffs on the sides and top of the inside. Once a week, take out the glass tray (if it has one) and wash it with your dishes.  Be careful; they are heavier than they look, slippery when wet, and expensive to replace.

Once a week, take the washrag or sponge and wipe down coffee tables.  Wipe the dust off lamps and shades, and then gently clean with warm water and a mild detergent.  Make sure that the lamp is unplugged before you clean it.

You can scrub your front door with a strong cleaner if it is an aluminum or metal door.  Use warm water to wipe down your windowsills and door moldings.  Carefully unscrew and remove the vents for your heat and air (if you have them) and clean the dust off of both sides  Armed with a bucket of warm water and just a spot of mild detergent, walk down hallways and clean handprints and smudges off the walls.

Using a power washer on the outside of you house can be a time consuming job.  However, the results you will see on the siding of you home are remarkable.  You can use a power washer on your porches, sidewalks, railings, and just about any outdoor surface.  You could also hire a contractor to come out and power wash the exterior of your home.

While your washer is filling with water and after you have added soap, use an old wash rag to clean the outside of your washer and dryer.  Simply use the washer water to wet the rag and wipe down the sides and tops of your appliances.  When you are done, just toss the rag into the washer.  An important part of dryer maintenance is making sure that the lint traps and exhaust are clean.  Use your vacuum extension hose to clean in and around the lint trap and exhaust line to catch all the pieces of lint.