Out Of The Mouth of Babes – Things Kids Say  

things kids say

One of the perks of being a parent, that everyone forgets to mention, is that your child will inevitably humiliate you at least once during their toddlerhood. Children have no filter. None. If they hear it they repeat it, if they think it, they say it. It’s crazy some of the things kids say! For a long time, my daughter referred to her Nigerian friend as the “girl with the brown face.” I know she was not being mean, but I still felt the urge to shush her every time she said it. Kids really have no filter! kids say the darndest things, that’s true.

Things kids say!

One of my favorite “my-kid-said-what moments” was when I took Emmalyne shopping with me. She was probably three and was never around a lot of smoking. We do not smoke, most of our family does not smoke and those who do always smoke away from the kids. Therefore, I was not surprised when my daughter made a comment about a woman she saw smoking in the parking lot of the grocery store, but I was surprised at her timing and her innocent proclamation of “Mommy, look a dragon!” She then continued to babble about how the woman was blowing smoke out of her mouth like a dragon as I pushed the cart a little faster.

I was sure my kids are not the only ones to say embarrassing or funny things, so I gathered a few more funny quotes from a few other moms:

“When I was babysitting, I had a child tell me their missed their Aunt. Another child overhead the conversation and replied ‘Why don’t you just get a ladybug then?’” –Rebecca

“My husband bought my daughter a shoe-decorating kit from our local dollar store. My daughter immediately pulled out her tennis shoes and started glitzing them out. When I asked her what she was doing, she responded ‘I’m taking these shoes from low-fashion to high-fashion. ’”- Angie

“When I asked my daughter what her favorite color was, she said ‘Bacon.’” –Leila (Personally, I could not agree more!)

Have your kids said anything funny or embarrassing? Share your funny quotes in the comments below!

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