The Kissters Can Craft Without The Mess! [VIDEO]

Oh, we thought we were pretty smart when we made sure we had plenty of Arts & Crafts projects to get us through the winter months when the children couldn’t go outside. Little did we know that we were sticking ourselves with a world of new cleaning challenges. Our kids aren’t even that clumsy, so we can’t imagine how miserable things get for other parents. And so we sought out video to help us through the winter of our discontent, and were pleasantly surprised to find The Kissters addressing this important issue. Maybe you wouldn’t want these two living next door to you as wacky neighbors, but they’re certainly the smartest gals we know when it comes to useful household hints. We mean the actually useful household hints that work in homes that aren’t built like reality-television sets. For example, they have lots of smart suggestions for Arts & Crafts projects that aren’t too messy. We guarantee this video will pay you back plenty for the amount of time you spend watching…