The Frugies! Irritating Song, Great Artwork!

mort drucker meet the frugies

There’s always a delicate balance between wanting to teach your kids fun ways to do things, and how much annoying music might be involved. Frankly, we’ve always felt there should be some kind of permission slip involved before educators of any kind decide to teach our children a song that might be repeated through the day. We’re certainly not endorsing the new tooth-brushing tune being promoted by The Frugies. It ranks way up there in terms of irritating songs. The only good thing is that your kids can’t really sing it while brushing their teeth.

We’re very interested in the official Frugies e-book, though, since it’s illustrated by MAD magazine’s own Mort Drucker. Okay, maybe you’re not an aging comic-book geek mom, but it really does warm our heart to see Mort winning over another generation of kiddies with his winsome and winning artwork. We certainly can’t think of a better talent to introduce our kids to the joys of fruits and vegetables. The e-book is priced at an affordable $1.99, too. We can’t recommend downloading that new “Brush-Along Song,” though. It doesn’t even have animated Mort Drucker characters in the video. Here’s a sample of Mort’s genius, though. Heck, we’d pay $1.99 for this page alone…

f frugie suzie strawberry mort drucker