The Queen Says Your Daughters May Get To Live In A World With A Real Princess!

Okay, we know there are probably some real-life princesses out there already. There are probably some genuine counts, too. You’re still not talking Official Royalty to us unless it’s about the British Empire–and, in this case, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. That’s the official title of Kate Middleton and Prince William, who will soon be hearing the royal pitter-patter of little royalty running around their house. Now we have a good reason to hope that the Duke and Duchess are having a girl. Their offspring would be officially titled “Princess.” That’s in contrast to the old tradition of calling the female royal offspring by the title of “Lady.” (First-born boys have always automatically been called “Prince,” which doesn’t surprise us one bit.) Anyway, the Queen herself issued the new edict for a first-born gal to be a proper Princess, and that’ll be a thrill for lots of little girls out there. Maybe we wouldn’t be too thrilled with the merchandising, though. We’re sure the Royal Family has to generate some of their own income nowadays. This whole thing might actually end up very irritating–but why worry about that now? Kate hasn’t even began to show a baby bump yet. At least this would give our daughters a better role model than the Kardashians as American Royalty. We suddenly feel like real Anglophiles.