The Duchess of Cambridge Had Morning Sickness, So She’s Off To Mustique! [VIDEO]


Okay, so we’ll admit that Kate Middleton–known as The Duchess of Cambridge ever since she married Prince William–was actually in the hospital for acute morning sickness. Maybe we shouldn’t judge. But we know a little about morning sickness, and we didn’t get to enjoy a babymoon off to Mustique after we felt sick. We’re not even sure if we knew what a “babymoon” was when we were throwing up. We would’ve liked one, though. Instead, here we are reading about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flying off to Mustique as a chance to enjoy some quality time together before their baby is born and they have to stay up all night changing diapers. Yes, it’s tough being young marrieds.

We suppose that we’ll just have to accept that the rich are different than us–and that royalty is really, really different than us. Now we remember why we grew up wanting to be princesses. We just must have assumed that there were extra perks when it came time for the Prince to join us in going out to the Cabbage Patch to get a baby, though. Anyway, enjoy this video report on the Duke and Duchess’ trip to Mustique, with Kate’s parents also along for the ride. Listen as a very enthused reporter from Britain reports on The Duchess flying to the Caribbean to be pregnant in splendor. The reporter is a man, of course. A female reporter might have sounded a little icy over the whole thing…