The Deep Down Clean Is No April’s Fool Day Joke!

The Best Germ-Killing Cleansers for Around the Home

When it comes to cleaning your home, there’s clean, and then there’s Deep Down Clean where you know you’re killing germs and getting rid of all the things that could potentially cause your family to be ill. Yes, just like those big corporate commercials tell you. They aren’t trying to fool you this time. In fact, this Deep Down Clean is especially importan  in the early spring. That’s when your house has been shut up all winter long and germs have just been hanging around wreaking havoc on all who live within. Spring is here, and it’s time to get rid of those nasty germs. The following list includes some of the best germ-fighting disinfectants there are and how they can be used to clean your home and make it a healthy place once again.  [photo via thethriftycouple]

Research shows that commercial chemical disinfectant products work better at killing germs than their greener, more natural counterparts. Clorox and Lysol products rated highest on the list, killing a whopping ninety-nine percent of germs and bacteria. Both brands sell many products designed to clean and disinfect all areas of your home.

Clorox Bleach is probably the strongest disinfectant you’ll want to use in your home. The most effective way to use Clorox Bleach is in the pre-mixed sprays made by the company itself. On the other hand, you can mix one part Clorox Bleach with five parts water in a spray bottle and have a great disinfectant for about half the price. The only downside to using bleach as a disinfectant is you have to be sure to rinse the area well to avoid toxic exposure.

Lysol comes in a close second in terms of germ-killing power and can be used all over the home without having to worry about toxicity as with bleach. Lysol makes cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom mainly, but the most popular product is Lysol Spray. When used correctly, it eliminates up to ninety-nine percent of germs and bacteria that cause the common cold and flu. It doesn’t get much easier to disinfect your home than Lysol. All you do is point and spray. As it dries, it kills germs.

Many people concerned with the toxic effects of chemical cleaners in the home choose to use more natural products. As stated before, these products may not be as effective in killing germs, but do a good job of cleaning many surfaces in your home. Vinegar is an old-school disinfectant that does a fairly good job. The most effective way to use vinegar in the home is in a spray bottle mixed with water. The acidity in vinegar does kill some organisms and bacteria, and it can safely be used on almost all surfaces in your home.

Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are two more non-toxic products that when used for cleaning do a decent job at disinfecting. Obviously used to disinfect cuts and scrapes, it stands to reason they’d do the same around your home. Again, these products are usually combined in a spray bottle with water. Just be sure to rinse everything down with fresh clean water when you’re done.

Good old soap and water seem to be the best “green” choice when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your home. Antibacterial soap can be used with hot water to get rid of germs and bacteria, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.