Talking 50 Shades of Grey: How Risky is Risqué in the Bedroom?

50 shades of grey

A book took the female world by storm lately.  You may have heard of it:  50 Shades of Grey.  This one little book fascinated and enlightened so many women to a steamier side of intimacy that has sent ripples of curiosity all over.  Even if you haven’t read it, you probably know someone who did, and they gave you some information as to what it contains.  As shocking as it may be to some, they still wonder if it’s something that they could or should implement into their own love lives.  Is it safe?  Will it work?  Is this something I would really enjoy?  And, sometimes, it’s wondered just how risky is risqué in the bedroom.

How does one begin to explore this new world?  Slowly is the preferred method.  There’s no need to rush into something without taking baby steps first.  Try one thing that is different to both you and your partner, but one that you agree together to attempt.  Have a “safe word” for each of you to say when or if things get to be too overwhelming.  After a successful attempt, feel free to try more, but never leave out the important point of communicating with your partner at all times about it.  If you feel that something is too far out of your comfort zone for now, don’t do it and let your partner know why.  Do the same for your partner, as well.  Communication is the most effective form of foreplay available to all.

What is done in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom – or whatever room of your house you decide to have an adventure.  To help cut down on the risk of co-workers, certain friends and family finding out, don’t tell anyone you don’t trust implicitly.  This same agreement should be something your partner adheres to, as well.  Sometimes, having that little secret between you and your partner only will add to the excitement.

Lastly, stop worrying about all the “what if’s”.  Worrying about anything in the bedroom will kill the mood in an instant for you both.  As long as both adults are behaving responsibly, there is nothing to fear.   Take a risk by being risqué, but do so with full understanding and a solid plan of understanding, compassion and mutual respect for both of you.  You’ll never know if it’s something you and your partner will enjoy, if you don’t at least try.