Super Super Bowl Party for Super Kids!

super bowl party for kids

The Super Bowl is almost here!  Families have prepared all fall and winter for this special event.  The children are just as excited for the party as they are the game.  As we prepare our homes for friends and neighbors to enjoy the big game let us try not to forget the little football fans too.   Although some may enjoy the sport, others may lose interest not too far after the kick-off.  Keeping little ones entertained while being a busy host can have its challenges.  Here are some helpful tips on how to make a successful Super Bowl party for kids:   [photo via cmsimg]

Bean Bag/Throw Pillow T.V. Huddle

A great way to get the children involved in the excitement of the game is to give them their own little cheering section to settle into and enjoy.  Put together an area for them to sit on bean bags or large pillows.  It is their own exclusive club and they will be more likely to stay put and not run back and forth in front of the TV while others are trying to watch the game.

Game Face Paint Station

Set up a little station near the kitchen for the children to paint their faces in support of their favorite team, or they just may want to add the black lines under their eyes to look tough and ready to win.  Older siblings or adults less interested in watching the game and more interested in socializing will gladly volunteer to help.

Root Beer Beverage and Dinner Station

The kids can feel special swigging from their favorite bottle of root beer or sarsaparilla.  They can even make themselves a root beer float.  Appetizers such as puff pastry hot dogs, chicken wings or nuggets, and a fruit platter can serve as a no fuss dinner.

Melon Ball Race

Empty a cantaloupe or honeydew by using melon ballers.  The first one to get to the bottom and fill it back up wins a small prize like a football or plush toy.

Football Piñata

It’s not a party without a piñata!  Make your fiesta special by hanging a piñata outside and letting the kids give it a swing.  They will love the challenge and the prizes and candy that come as the reward.  This is a great way for everyone to feel included and get a prize.

Couch Tents

When it starts to get dark outside and all the children have had their dinner, break out the sleeping bags and pillows.  Take a large sheet and drape it over couches or chairs, even under the kitchen table.  This is a great way for them to have an adventure at the end of a long party and snuggle in for some much deserved rest. And big cheers to everyone having a terrific Super Bowl Sunday!