Become A More Successful Person

Success isn’t given. It is earned. No matter where you wish to excel, there are certain qualities every successful person has. If you want these qualities for yourself, you’ll have to practice them every day. As Amy Cuddy said “fake it until you become it.” Once you embody these qualities, everyday success for yourself and your family is sure to follow. In order to achieve these qualities, however, you must first be willing to accept change. If you have been working towards a successful life and have not yet achieved it, it is because something has to be done differently. Now more than ever you must let go of old habits to make way for new victories. These habits aren’t as simple as setting an alarm every day or eating at least three eggs every week. These habits involve a shift in how you think and how you interact with the world. It begins from the inside out. When you start to think like successful people, you will become a successful person.

Never Settle

“It is what it is” has become an all too convenient phrase in society. It is convenient because it implies that you have no control over your circumstances and have to accept them for what they are. Sometimes that’s true, but a lot of the time we only say that so it gives us an excuse to not try. You aren’t only cutting yourself off from opportunities; you’re cutting your self short. Why settle for less than you deserve? When you see an opportunity to succeed, you can achieve this by speaking your truth and sticking to what you believe, despite what anyone else might say. So long as you believe what you are doing is good for you and good for the world at large, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue your goal full out. If you know your goal is right and just, it won’t matter if anyone notices and it won’t matter how hard it was to achieve. Once you have gained your prize you will see why it was worth never settling.

Identify and Avoid Crazy Makers

Everyone has that friend who genuinely believes that world is against them. These are the people who constantly jump from job to job because everyone they work for is “crazy.” These are the people who can’t find any redeeming qualities in their dates or their partners. These are the friends who love to complain and while it’s funny to hear about over a few drinks, the issue is, they never stop complaining and their negative energy is bringing you down with them. With all the energy you have to offer the world, why would you waste it talking badly about other people, gossiping or worrying about problems that don’t really exist. Once you use that energy on positive things, you will find that these negative people only sap you of your potential. The sooner they are out of your life, the sooner you can channel your energy into worthwhile projects.

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