Stephen Colbert Gets Serious (Sort Of) About His Mother

We’re usually too exhausted to watch The Colbert Report on Comedy Central at 11:30 EST. We’re not even sure if we’d be up for the political banter. Still, we think everyone should see last night’s opening, as Stephen Colbert–who’s usually playing a slightly pompous newsman–steps out of character to discuss the recent death of his mother. Lorna Colbert had passed away last Wednesday at the age of 92, and Colbert’s show (which had gone on hiatus before as Colbert visited his mother) had been showing a mix of repeat episodes and previously-taped shows. Last night was the host’s official return to the show.

Colbert had often referenced his mother, and there certainly seemed a lot to say about her. Her obituary in Charleston, South Carolina’s Post and Courier  would’ve been pretty eye-catching just for her having had 11 children. Colbert often used that for comic fodder, and you’ll see plenty of that in the video below. You’ll also see a professional comic doing his best to remain composed while mixing a heartfelt tribute with comedy. It’s a good mix, as you’ll see in this impressive clip….