What Your Children Need In Their Spring Wardrobe


You already know all the things you need in your wardrobe this spring. What about your children? Must they endure the travesty of wearing last seasons clothing or will you bring them into the light with this seasons hottest trends of kids? We agree. The later sounds like a lot more fun. Take the whole family out and spend quality family time shopping for the items that will bring your child’s spring clothes to life.


We have seen matching mother and daughter outfits since the 50s. They were just as adorable then as they are now. Only NOW the joy of twinning isn’t limited to moms and their daughters. Now designers are creating matching wardrobes for fathers and daughters, moms and their sons and even for the whole family! This adorable new trend is all thanks to designers like Roberta Freymann, who use prints to bring a whole family together without making one family member look more feminine or masculine than they are comfortable being. From matching pajama sets, to coordinated animal-themed prints all the way to swim wear; the whole family can go together without sacrificing anyone’s personal style.

As The Saying Goes

T-shirts with fun phrases have been popular for the past decade. Young adults are often seen sporting a shirt with a saying screened on. Only this year, however, designers like Wildfox, Special Tee Designs and Joe’s Jeans have taken the trend to a new level for children. The phrases they have come up with for their onesies, tank tops and tee-shirts are empowering, hilarious and all too true. What parent wouldn’t be tempted by a child tank top that says, “I need a nap?” That way no one can be mad at your infant for crying. Your struggle is clearly advertised.

Down by the Sea

I specifically remember a halter sailor dress my mother bought for me that I LOVED. The blue and white stripes made me feel sophisticated without being too mature for my age. While the nautical theme may not be a new trend it remains an essential wardrobe piece of boys and girls alike. Luckily for you, it won’t be a style that’s hard to find. Stores all over the country will be carrying baby rompers, cardigans, bathing suits and even sailor themed ballet shirts! Ahoy Matey! We’re all on board!

Keep it Classic

When it doubt, go back to the standards. Hand smocked dresses and flannel over-alls are always adorable and welcome in a youthful wardrobe. After all, you want you children to look like children. These innocent silhouettes and pastel pallets never go out of style. Even if you can’t find the classic look you’re going for in contemporary stores, try checking out vintage stores or even yard sales. There you’re sure to find some surprising gems!


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

 What spring clothes are your children wearing?