Spring Activities The Whole Family Will Love

spring activities

The fact that the entire country is not actively covered in snow has given everyone spring fever. Now is the time to plan ahead for all the sunshine, flowers and fun your family has in store for the spring. Get your camping supplies, your beach blankets, fill up the tank and make your reservations before spring has fully sprung! Here are some spring activities to try this year!

Camp Out

There aren’t a lot activities the whole family will enjoy that also teach your children responsibility. Camping is an exercise in working together, minimal living and a chance to spend quality, quiet time together. Everyone has to work together to put up the tent, set up the fire and make dinner. Once all of the family responsibilities are done, enjoy a nice long hike to get everyone up and moving. During your hike, the children can be in charge of finding all the sticks for roasting marshmallows.

Point out animals, foliage and wild life as a chance for your children to learn about nature. Make sure everything is cleaned up before you leave to reinforce environmental responsibility. Then relax in the evening by the campfire with ghost stories and treats. How many family vacations teach children manual labor, environmental responsibility, about nature and about teamwork all while having fun? Only camping. Go out to camping grounds or go out to the backyard. The effect is the same.

Beach Babies

Unless you live smack dab in the middle of the country, there is probably a beach near you and if so now is the best time to go. Spring time is just before summer has reached its peak of sweltering hot, and everyone has begun flocking to the beaches’ forgiving shores, therefore your family will have the beach all to yourselves and you won’t have to worry about slathering anyone in too much sunscreen. (Though still bring sunscreen, you can’t be too careful.) Jump in the car in the early morning, play beach related songs all the way (can’t go wrong with the Beach Boys!) tumble out on to the sand and enjoy an entire day, even a whole weekend or even a few weeks building sand castles, wading in the water, soaking in the sun and drinking plenty of yummy, refreshing beverages.

Go Fly a Kite

The past two suggestions have involved traveling and depending on your conditions, might cost you a pretty penny. Yet, as Mr. Banks of Mary Poppins so rightly observed, “with tuppence for paper and strings you can have your own set of wings!” By spending pennies you can buy or make your own kite, which will provide you and your family hours of wholesome fun on your first windy day of spring. Look up construction ideas online then work together as a family to make the prettiest kite in town. Then take it out for a test run! You could even make the kite before you go to the beach or out camping and enjoy it throughout all of your vacation activities.


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What are some of your favorite spring activities?