Speed Dating – Is It a Good Idea?

speed dating signThe idea of getting back into the dating scene is not always a pleasant one. You may not feel up to dealing with first dates, so there is a popular option that may even be considered a way to get you in the groove once again: Speed dating. It’s a trend that has been around for a while, and even online dating sites promote events for their site members to participate in at various locations across the country.

Is speed dating a good idea for you?


Determine If You’re Ready

Before diving into that large pool of faces for a handful of seconds at a time, dig deep and find out for yourself if you are really ready to date once again. If you just got out of a serious relationship or long-term marriage, you may need more time to deal with the mourning of that loss before thinking about getting into the next one. Be honest with yourself during this process, and don’t let pressure from your friends and family push you forward if you do not feel ready. Perhaps this is also a good time to reassess what you’re looking for in a mate, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes in your past.

Give It a Try

If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, and you know you’re ready (but perhaps just a little unwilling), it’s time to just go for it. You may not find Mr. Right (watch out for those Mr. Right-Nows, unless that’s what you want), but speed dating will get you back out there once again to at least get your feet wet. And, who knows? You may even meet some really nice guys who are at least worth a second date or just being great friends. Sometimes, you just have to give something new a try to see if it is something that is really a great idea for you, instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Once you decide to check out a speed dating event, check into a few things before arriving. Make sure that it is handled by a reputable group or organization. Find out what the “rules” are before walking in there, and always double check the location where the event is being held before the big day. You want to be sure that the location is in a safe area for a single woman to be roaming around. It may be a good idea to bring another friend along, since there is safety in numbers, and it gives you a good reason to not talk to guys who maybe didn’t make your boat float. Be safe, be smart, be ready and have fun!

Have you tried speed dating?

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