3 Reasons I’m Not Quitting My SmartPhone Addiction

smartphone addiction

I love my smartphone. A lot. I’ll admit to even using it more than I probably should. And while I fully understand the need to put down our phones and gadgets and just connect with the people around us, I’m not fully convinced I’d be a better Mom without my smartphone. And I’m addicted within reason, for example, we have no phones at the dinner table or during family night. Here are a few reasons I’m not going to join SmartPhone Anonymous anytime soon:

Why I’m not quitting my smartphone addiction


Burning the midnight oil

My kids are horrid sleepers. It’s partially my fault… probably mostly my fault. But there isn’t a night that I don’t have to sit in their room for at least 30 minutes rubbing backs while they fall asleep. My kids are old enough to know it drives me crazy but I can’t bring myself to be mean enough to slam the door in their face and tell them to fend for themselves. So I use my smart phone to read blogs and catch up on Bejeweled Blitz while my kids doze off snuggled up against my legs. Also, I have a pretty awesome white noise app that knocks them out like Benadryl. As an added bonus: it has a flashlight which means no one’s face gets stepped on when I sneak out after they’ve fallen asleep… most of the time.

I’m a medical junkie

I have a nurse mother, two aunts, a sister and a mother-in-law who all work as nurses. So, you’d think I’d be pretty much on the up-and-up about medical junk… and to some degree I am. However, when it’s 1 a.m. and I think my daughter’s (ahem) stool looks a little funky, I feel guilty waking up my mom for advice, so Google here I come. It’s a life saver. Plus, that time I could have sworn I felt a baby kick even though I haven’t had a period in 6 years, let alone been knocked up in as long, it was nice to learn I’m not crazy.

I enjoy my sanity

I love my kids. A lot. More than anything in the world. Truly. I’d die for them, but sometimes I need them to leave me alone for more than 30 seconds so I can have a conversation with another adult, drive without having to yell at them to stop fighting, or finish running a few errands. This means Mr. Smartphone gets a work out while my kids play with their virtual cat or read a few stories on the book app I’ve got. My girls don’t have personal gaming systems, iPods or other personal electronics so my guilt is pretty much assuaged when I let them tune in for 20 minutes so I can yell at the morons who treat red lights like an option.

I’ll never argue against taking a little time away from our screens. There’s little that can beat an old-fashioned game of soccer in the backyard or a walk in the park with the kids. But, smartphones have their place and heaven help me, they’ve made my life a little less stressful. Truth is, all of us mamas need the chance to tune out.


Are you addicted to your smart phone?

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