Gangnam Style Sleeping Baby Video Deserves To Go Viral

UPDATE: From 6 views when we first posted to over 21,000 views today! We knew this kid was a star! Did you think that PSY’s Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios would finally wrap up the “Gangnam Style” craze? Yes, we thought so, too–but then we discovered this amazing Youtube video of a cute little girl being woken up by her favorite song. Frankly, we don’t usually associate having our child woken up by music with any kind of cuteness. We usually associate it with crying and crankiness. This little gal proves us wrong as she starts showing off some spectacular dance moves. In fact, this would’ve been our favorite Super Bowl spot if someone had put this on the air. Take a look for yourself, but get ready to be overwhelmed by the adorable ways of this rockin’ tyke as she shows off her “Gangnam Style” moves…