Sip and See Parties Are Taking Over

Sip and See Parties

Remember baby showers? You know the ones where all of your friends, perhaps some of your family and maybe even the father-to-be, if you allow him to, gather together to celebrate the baby that will be arriving soon. Well, that old-fashion type of celebration may be the thing of the past since Sip and Sees have entered into the scene.

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What are Sip and See Parties?

Now, I must admit that the only time that I have every heard of a Sip and See was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when Phaedra Parks had one for her second child (don’t judge me for watching).

A Sip and See is a gathering where family and friends can come meet the new baby. It is actually an old custom called “Wetting the Baby’s Head” where people would go out and drink in celebration of the new baby. It’s considered to be a southern thing, yet again I am from the south myself, but never heard of such a thing. It’s not as elaborate as a baby shower would be with games and large amounts of food and things bouncy from one thing to the next. The Sip and Sees can be a formal event or laid back depending on how the parents want to throw the “party”. It could have a theme to it or none at all. It’s actually just “sip” on a little bit of punch or other beverage and “see” the baby.

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What’s so great about these Sip and Sees?

Well, I think what is great about them is that you can decide on when everyone can see the new baby. You have a set day and time. You won’t have to worry about people dropping by unannounced when you may just want to have family time for the moment. Sometimes new moms can be overwhelmed when they come home with their new bundle of joy and just may need a breather. Basically you have a bit of control.

Sip and Sees are a great idea to have after your baby is born. that way you are able to get everyone together and everyone can celebrate together. I’m sure baby showers will still continue and won’t drastically go away anytime soon, but at least you have an alternative if you don’t want to go the baby shower route.

Have you heard of a Sip and See?

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