Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

body scrubsMy kids are still young, so of course when Mother’s Day comes, I will get the handmade cards that they made in art class. As I scratch my head trying to figure out what they created for me with a loving smile, I have to admit that I do enjoy what they make for me. Personally, I think homemade gifts are the best and I feel that the maker puts more heart into it. If you agree with me, then see what you think about these simple gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

In Case of Emergency

It can get a little hectic at times and chocolate is usually the best solution to these types of emergencies.

Emergency Chocolate Bar Gift

What You’ll Need
Hershey chocolate bar (1.5 oz)
Picture frame
Paper and marker

Take a piece of paper that will fit your frame that is light-colored, white or beige. With the marker, write on the top “In Case of Emergency” and on the bottom “Break Glass”. With double sided tape, stick the chocolate bar in between the two phrases. Place the arrangement on the glass part of the frame and slide the backing on. You could also design the writing on the computer and print it out for a much nicer look.

Body Scrub

Make mom a homemade body scrub. You can many different ingredients that will keep her skin feeling smooth and smell great. Here is a quick that she may love only using three ingredients straight from your cabinet.

Vanilla Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Mix the ingredients together and scoop into a jar, such as a mason jar. Attach a simple Happy Mother’s Day note or pretty ribbon.

A Generations Photograph

This would be a timeless gift for grandmothers. You could find headshots of your grandma, mom, sisters and daughters throughout each generation and and have them printed off onto cardstock. You then can make a foldout card that you could sit on a table or mantle showing off the pictures.

What will you be getting for your mom?


Photo Credit: Thinkstock