Shark Week! We Bite Into Four Favorite Books in This Reading Roundup!

It’s certainly been a fun Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Now it’s wrapping up, though, so let’s have our own version of Shark Week here. Sharks have always been a fascinating subject for kids. With their sharp rows of teeth, giant size, and a fear of nothing, sharks demand respect and kids happily give it. If you ever get a chance to take your child to SeaWorld, be sure to visit the shark exhibit. You and your child will gain a newfound respect and admiration for these magnificent animals. In the meantime, here are a few books that are sure to delight and enlighten young children about the wonderful world of sharks…

National Geographic Readers Sharks! By Anne Schreiber

National Geographic Readers: Sharks! by Anne Schreiber

Written for the youngest shark enthusiasts, National Geographic Readers: Sharks! is easy to read and chock full of interesting and amazing facts about sharks. For instance, did you know sharks have five rows of teeth, and that when one tooth falls out, another moves forward to take its place? Or that sharks swam the seas long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth? These facts and many more are inside this wonderfully illustrated book that brings children into the shark’s world. For ages 5-8 years.

The Best Book of Sharks by Claire Llewellyn

The Best Book of Sharks by Claire Llewellyn

Although suggested for children between the ages of five and eight, children as young as two years will enjoy looking at the exhilarating photos in The Best Book of Sharks. The riveting great white with its mouth open wide on the front cover will reel kids in and once they’re there, they won’t want to put it down. Older children will learn about where sharks live, what they eat and how they bear their young. This book might just become one of their favorites.

The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book Dive Into Fun-infested Waters! By Kathi Wagner and Obe Wagner

The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book: Dive Into Fun-infested Waters! by Kathi Wagner and Obe Wagner

The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book is a unique reading journey complete with puzzles, exciting facts and fun do-it-yourself activities all related to sharks. The full color photos are fun to look at and the shark facts are highly entertaining. This consumable book will keep kids busy for hours as they explore the underwater world of the shark. For ages 8 and up.

Shark in the Dark by Peter Bently, illustrated by Ben Cort

Shark in the Dark by Peter Bently, illustrated by Ben Cort

There’s a shark lurking in the deep, dark ocean. He’s big, mean, and always hungry. The sea creatures are getting tired of always being afraid of him and team up to teach him a lesson. This fun story is told in lively rhyming words with bright, colorful illustrations. This shark tale is one your children will request over and over again. For ages 3 to 6 years.