Sharing Naked Pictures of Your Kids on Social Media

Toddlers on the potty

I’m sure you’ve seen these – photos of babies or toddlers in barely nothing, shared on some social media site. I’ve seen these photos, and they bug the heck out of me! Especially those pictures of toddlers “on the potty” – that is NOT cute and personally, I don’t want to see a picture of someone’s kid on the toilet! Isn’t that a private matter? It’s certainly not cute…I mean, is it ok to share pictures of your kids on social media when they are on the potty or in the tub?

So if you are one of those parents who feels the need to share those types of photos, I would love to know WHY? Do you really think people want to see them? Oh, and speaking of people wanting to see them…what about questionable people? You know, there are creeps out there – pedophiles kinda come to mind. No matter how ‘secure’ your privacy settings are set on any social media account you have, once something is out there, it’s ‘out there’, so don’t be naive and think that if you have settings set to friends only then those are the ONLY people who can see the photos.

I realize we are living in a digital age now. I’m sure people took these kinds of photos ‘back in the day’ – in fact I KNOW it, my mother did this (UGH!) and back then, instead of sharing on social media, the photos were passed around to family and friends. I get that, but it still doesn’t make it right.

I realize children are innocent and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with cute baby/toddler photos – but when the photos involve children completely naked, in the bath, on the potty, etc., well, that is a private matter. I mean, do you remember the article I wrote last month about about a school in Basel, Switzerland that was introducing kindergarteners to fabric models of human genitalia in a “sex box” to teach them that “contacting body parts can be pleasurable.” ??? – so really, the craziness is all around us…is it not? If we want to keep our children safe, I think the first step is to NOT post naked photos of them online…thoughts?

Image: ThinkStock