Shakira May (Or May Not) Be A Celebrity Mom! [VIDEO]

Celebrities really are different than us. For example, nobody second-guessed us when we announced that we’d finally given birth. Maybe it helped that we actually had a picture of our infant child on Facebook–or maybe it was because we’d spent the past few weeks screaming, “I need to have this baby now!” Anyway, pop star Shakira has reportedly given birth to a baby boy. We say “reportedly” because this is based on a Twitter posted by Shakira’s soccer star boyfriend Gerard Pique. But now everyone has to wonder if Pique wasn’t joking, since the Twitter was posted on the Spanish equivalent of April Fool’s Day. At least social media helped confirm her pregnancy, with Shakira showing off her advanced state in a recent Instagram pic. Anyway, here’s a gossipy video that’ll give you a better idea of why you need to be a little careful in joining in if someone excitedly informs you that Shakira has had her child. We’re thinking you need to be a little careful if you have friends excitedly telling you about any celebrity having a child. That’s our job…