Sexting ABCs: Steam Up Your Valentine’s Day

sexting abcs

Dirty talk just got technical. When your significant other sends you a promiscuous text, don’t panic. Texting is the convenient way to show your affection, anywhere, at any time, with complete privacy. Relax, say exactly what you mean and exactly what you want for the steamiest sexting exchange your phone has ever seen.

Forgo Abbreviations

Most people want to know they are sharing themselves with someone who is smart, educated and articulate. Show yourself in your best light by spelling out your thoughts accurately and completely. It is a lot sexier to read exactly what your partner wants to do to you when you don’t have to figure out what each abbreviation is supposed to mean. Thanks to full keyboards, touch screens and predictive texting, you can send your lover an exciting sext quickly and easily.

No One is Laughing Out Loud

It’s just like in real life. Laughing at your partner is the number one way to cool down any steamy moment. As soon as you throw in a “LOL” or similar abbreviation (which we have already established is a bad idea), your lover will loose all their humor and move on. If you’re laughing because you’re uncomfortable, leave your texts to the imagination. Instead of saying exactly what you want or what they want to hear, let them interpret your sexting. You can do this within your comfort zone and still get them excited… without resorting to laughter.

Keep Your Promises

We say a lot of strange things in the heat of the moment. The joy of sexting is that you can plan what you really want to say without the pressure of having your partner right there waiting for you to say something arousing. Take your time and write back only when you know what you want. Then when your partner wants to take you up on your sext, you can follow through confidently.

Tell the Truth

When your lover sends you a sext, chances are you’re on your sofa, watching Netflix, eating ramen in yoga pants. The whole point of sexting is to imagine the real thing. So if they ask you “what are you doing?” or “what are you wearing?” either do or wear something sexy or tell the truth. Fantasy isn’t ever as sexy as reality. So maybe you don’t want to admit you were watching a romantic comedy with prepackaged noodles, but you can say you’ve been sitting here thinking about them. You can even say you’re “hungry” for them. They don’t need to know that you were clenching your hunger with Ramen. They just need to know you want them.

Emojis are Not Sexy

The arrousing thing about sexting is reading your desires. Throw in a winking emoji just trivializes the moment. If you construct your text properly, they will know just what you mean, with or without an icon winking.

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