How Setting Goals Together With Your Spouse Builds a Stronger Relationship

Setting Goals with Your Spouse - Modern Day Mom

We’re always looking for ways to get closer and connect with our spouse or significant other. Most of the common disconnects that happen between couples boil down to a serious lack of communication. One party may pull away from other, and then, in response, the other partner tries for a while to get things going again only to often give up at some point and the divide widens. Help to nip that in the bud by doing something as simple as setting goals together with your spouse. This activity builds a stronger relationship between the two of you.

Goals to set with your spouse:

Health Related Goals

Let’s say that the two of you want to get involved in a healthier lifestyle, whether it includes eating healthier or becoming more active and dedicated to a regular workout routine. The accountability on the daily or weekly health goals aside, the two of you can have a great deal of fun together as you go through each step. Plan your meals together to include your new food choices, but to be sure that both of you have additions that you prefer to taste. Find a compromise between the two by working together to make that happen. Then, the two of you can have more fun creating those new dishes together. Let’s not forget working out together, too! While he may be into jogging and you’d rather take a Zumba class, there are still activities you can find that the two of you may do at the same time to reach the goal of better health, as well as spending quality time achieving a mutual goal with each other.

Financial Goals

Money. Sigh with me, will you? I know this is a huge trigger for many couples, but it can be disarmed. You both want to be in the black, so that part is naturally taken care of without having to debate the issue. The methodology to use, however, is often the point of dissention. Break it down to smaller goals that the two of you agree upon while still finding ways to have fun doing things that you once spent more money to do. Instead of having a fancy dinner out once a month, plan on making one at home, and the food you make may even last you more than one meal. Still dress up for it as if you’re going out, but make the focus about being with each other more than the food you would have been purchasing if going out. Keep the goals of saving money important, but look for ways to save money, yet still having an activity that brings you together. Creativity is key for this, so, put on your thinking cap.

It doesn’t matter what goal you or your spouse are aiming for, get involved with the process of creating the goals, as well as executing them. The two of you working together like this will not only see a better success rate on the goal, itself, but you just may discover a few new things about each other that you never knew before. It’s those little gems that allow you to grow closer.


Do you have tips for setting goals with your spouse?


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