“Running Errands With My Mom”: Finally, INCREDIBLE CREW Show Set To Debut! [VIDEO]

Hard to believe, but it’s been over six months since we first saw the Incredible Crew music video for “Running Errands With My Mom.” That was back when ModernDayMom was just another item on our To Do list. Then we never saw an IC follow-up, and we just figured that the Incredible Crew had been forgotten by the folks at the Cartoon Network. We were wrong. “Running Errands With My Mom” is back in heavy CN rotation, as The Incredible Crew sketch-comedy show gears up for its network debut on January 24th. That gives us a good excuse to post the IC’s surprisingly strong rap spoof. Yes, we know that the joke has been done before, but little kids won’t pick up on how Andy Samberg was already working old territory when he went viral with Saturday Night Live‘s “Lazy Sunday.” This video is certainly enough to get us excited about the Incredible Crew show. We’re just hoping that it’ll be half as good as The Amanda Show–which we still think of as twice as great as any SNL we’ve seen lately.